#killthekcup and why kuerig machines are the worst.

I found out about K-Cups and the Keurig coffee machine at my parents’ house. I was visiting from school and noticed the change in coffee maker on their counter.

Once I learned more about the machine, like how its K-cups are non-recyclable and every cup of coffee made with this machine represents another piece of plastic destined for the landfill, I quickly developed a distaste for it’s presence in the household.

Recently a video was released portraying the machine and its waste as a monster in a horror film preview spoof. A friend shared the video with me and I learned about a new hashtag, #killthekcup. I’m am so excited to learn that other people also think of this machine as a monster!

When I talk to people about Kuerig, many tell me how much money they are saving and how convenient making coffee has become. Speaking of convenient, in a blog called “Dear Coffee I Love You,” they outline a single cup cost comparison for different types of coffee brewing. Check out the breakdown graphic they made.


Regardless of my strong opinions on the matter, I hope these media sources help put the K-cup into perspective.


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