About Alicia Murphy


With her feet firmly in a foundation of folk, Alicia Murphy blends rock, pop and a little bit of twang.


Alicia Murphy’s all-original songs feature her unexpected, quirky lyrics and fierce rhythm guitar, while her passion for environmental conservation often shines through.

She released her first studio EP It Is and It Isn’t, produced by Jaffee (Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers) and Ran Pink at Fonogenic Studios in Van Nuys, CA, in 2012 and toured with that EP extensively across the West Coast.


She has since released two more EPs, The Water Garden (2014) and Towns, Cities, and Little Ditties (2015). Both EPs feature corresponding zines that include song lyrics, articles, and creative writings compiled by Murphy relating to the overarching theme of each musical project.


Murphy is currently working on her first debut full-length studio album, A Daydream Worth Saving, set to be released spring/summer of 2016.

Alicia Murphy

photo by aimee stanchina

All of her music and zines are self-published and self-released.

Murphy has performed at a range of venues and festivals since 2009, sharing the stage and studio with an eclectic assortment of musicians along the way, including Matt Chamberlain, Rami Jaffee, Minnie Driver, Joseph Arthur, Daryl Hannah, George Watsky, Ben Sollee, Kimya Dawson, Open Mike Eagle, C.P. Stelling and Mother Falcon.

She most often performs as a trio along with her band featuring harmonies and percussion from Sé Reed and bass from Mike Gewehr.

alicia murphy and rami jaffee perform at fonogenic studios. may 2015. photo by @tourbuslive

alicia murphy and rami jaffee perform at fonogenic studios. may 2015. photo by @tourbuslive


The Water

Many of Murphy’s songs relate to her passion for clean water, sustainable water management, and water protection. She has been an active water awareness advocate since 2009, and earned a B.S. in Hydrology from UC Davis in 2013. She regularly blogs about water and water-related issues at aliciamurphymusic.com/water.


The Band

The full name for Alicia Murphy and her band is Alicia Murphy and the Mandlebrot Set. The Mandlebrot Set consists primarily of Sé Reed and Mike Gewehr, and occasionally featuring Rami Jaffee or Nick Depsky on keys.

The Mandlebrot Set is a reference to the mathematical set of points whose boundary is made by sampling complex numbers and determining for each whether the result tends towards infinity. (… which is why we don’t often mention this :) Please use “Alicia Murphy”!)