Water is essential to all existence on our planet

and it is part of a complex and extensive man-made system

Growing up in Los Angeles, I never really thought twice about water. It was always there when I wanted it … bottled, or in the sink, or in the yard. I didn’t know the water I drank was traveling thousands of miles to get to me, or even that there was a finite amount of it. It took a journey all the way to Kenya for me to understand what water scarcity was and how it felt to have a genuine reverence for this life source.

I carried my love for water to University of California, Davis, to study it and in June 2013 I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Hydrology. I have interned for various conservation agencies and organizations including the Delta Stewardship Council, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, and Tidal Influence. I returned to LA and spent a year working as a environmental sampling technician. Currently, I volunteer with Los Angeles Waterkeeper to sample stormwater while continuing to pursue making music. 


My Thoughts on the Crisis in Flint, Michigan

The malpractice of improper water allocation and distribution in Flint, Michigan has been a very hot topic in American politics and environmental sustainability recently. Rightfully so, people are outraged and shocked by the decisions that their government has made concerning the well-being of their people and the corresponding quality  of the water. Unfortunately, there is […]

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John Oliver on Food Waste + Water Pollution

John Oliver addresses one of the most wasteful and critically unsustainable practices happening in the United States today. Food waste. Food waste is not an isolated issue. It also has a huge effect on the water systems of North America. Food waste represents tons of gallons of water used to grow the food. The discarded […]

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thoughts on the Santa Barbara oil spill

sometimes bad and good feel really relative. but not now. not with this. this is bad. and it will always be bad. I firmly believe that we can develop and implement better forms of energy generation and energy storage. I do not believe that oil will always be number 1. ***below is a post from […]

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titles matter

The L.A. Times recently posted an op-ed featuring nine water experts’ opinions on ways to save water. The article is titled “Shorter Showers? Nine more ways the State has to change its ways”. Not including the expert who thinks that we are wasting water by allocating millions of gallons to environmental conservation, I found only one […]

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reverse osmosis can’t reverse our choices

Desalination is often hailed as the savior of the California water crisis. Many people want to know what desalination is all about. Many people think that it is the obvious solution. I think desalination stations warrant a careful discussion because there are so many factors involved that shape their costs and benefits. Here are the […]

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natural drought vs. water system mismanagement

Recently, a new friend of mine posted some really thought provoking articles about the drought in California (and really in the whole southwest). Basically, NOAA has made a bold statement: the drought is natural. My friend found a key point in a related article based on that declaration, “NOAA has weighed in with a report […]

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everyone should watch this john oliver episode!

this is amazing. john oliver covers the ins and outs of infrastructure. yes, a million times, yes. i highly recommend watching the entire video. he starts it off by discussing a very water relevant infrastructure: dams. Dams may be one of the most pressing issues concerning America’s water resources today. There are currently, approximately 75,000 dams […]

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