released 20 October 2014
lyrics + music by alicia murphy
cover artwork by oran stainbrook
mastered by gavin lurssen of lurssen mastering

The Garden Song
recorded by sejo nevajas at 4th Street Recording
mixed by sejo nevajas
produced by alicia murphy + sejo nevajas + sé reed

The Water Song
recorded by mike gewehr at synchronicity LA
mixed by mike gewehr
produced by alicia murphy + mike gewehr + sé reed

alicia murphy – vocals, guitar, banjolele, claps, tambo
sé reed – vocals, shaker
mike gewehr – vocals, bass


The Water Song 


is this system making us
spit in water suitable for drinking
oh it’s something i think
everyone should be thinking
because without water
we die

one of our last chances of survival
is being pumped thick and full of oil
reverse osmosis can’t reverse our choices
because without water
we die

i have myself a heyday
when i see a pipe leaking
oh, i even freak out
when i see a sink dripping
so turn off your faucets
conserve what we’ve got left
because without water
we die

we’re complaining about taste
we’re in a constant state of waste
using plastic bottles to bottle
the same stuff that’s in our sinks

oh that’s mad you mad hatters,
that’s mad
oh get mad, you mad hatters
get mad

so when i preach water saving
it’s our own world we’re devastating
i need everyone to listen up
because without that water
nothing really matters much
yea, without water
we don’t get granddaughters or grandsons

oh so, go tell somebody
that we gotta change
can’t have FIJI, Arrowhead, Sparkletts,
sparkling plastic all over the place
because without plastic
we’ll survive

oh but without water
i said, without water,
oh no, without water,
we die!