Thoughts and Lyrics by Skylar Funk

Thoughts and Lyrics
by Skylar Funk

When I first moved here, coming from an education in environmentalism, this city seemed like a waste of space. But now I see the potential… endless sprawl and endless sunshine are fine ingredients in the recipe for a better LA. Let’s cover these parking lots and rooftops with growing things and panels to collect the sun’s energy. Let’s say goodbye to coal power, and bask in the shade of our innovation and progress, breathing clean air in a city that’s greener.

It may seem crazy but all it takes is steps forward. When we work together, the only difference between what we imagine and what we have created is the work in between. Here’s a chorus I sing to remind me when I forget how to follow these dreams:
Play along! Pretend that we could be the ones who break the mould
We’ll stay so strong, all their violence can’t defeat our beating hearts
And when they’re gone, you and me will completely rewrite these laws
We’ll change them all. Let’s change it all! Play along!! Play along!!