Skylar Funk’s New Song “Pacific” Premiere + Interview!

Skylar Funk is more than a musician, and that is saying a lot because he is an extremely talented one. He and I met via the internet a year ago and the first thing I noticed about him when we met up in real life for a jam-potluck-hang, is that his positive attitude is absolutely contagious. He is a refreshing spark of energy and has an unparalleled enthusiasm for life, music and environmental justice! I am very pleased to call this talented artist and activist my friend … and I am EXTRA pleased to premiere his new song, “Pacific,” right here on my water blog!

Check out the song and then read the interview I did with Skylar about the song and his thoughts on some topics addressed in it! Also, Skylar has an awesome band called Trapdoor Social, so check them out!

Interview with Skylar Funk! 

AM: When did you write this tune? And where were you living?

SF: I wrote this song in 2011, while I was living in Mid City LA – my first place in the city after college. I came to LA with a degree in environmental analysis and saw Los Angeles as a sprawling, polluted mess… this song was part of my reaction. (FYI, since then I’ve become much more positive about the potential we have!)

AM: In the lyrics you say, “step up to the plate/ the environment’s at stake.” What are your top 5 ways that people can “step up to the plate?”

SF: (1) learn about climate change (2) vote and shop thoughtfully (3) pay attention to your carbon footprint: eating meat, home energy use, and consumerism are major contributors to your personal impact. (4) engage with organizations like the Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch, etc. who do great work on environmental issues (5) spread the word!

AM: Is that you on the saxophone? (Whoever it is, it’s killer.)

SF: Yeah, I play the baritone and tenor saxes on this song. Thanks!

AM: The music in this tune feels like a beach party anthem, but the lyrics pack in some very serious facts about the Earth. How would you describe your outlook on the environment today? (Is it similar to the vibe of this song?)

SF: Yeah, I still agree with the message, and while environmentalism requires serious study and activism… We should still have beach party anthems!

AM: What is your approach to coping in everyday life with these “big, big” environmental problems?

SF: Do the best you can, one step at a time. I like the saying, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

AM: What is your favorite body of water? 

SF: Tough question… but actually my #1 is Boardman Lake, in the Washington Cascades, which has been a destination for summer hiking/camping trips since I was a kid.

AM: What inspired you to write about the Pacific specifically? What is your relationship with it?

SF: I grew up in Seattle and moved to LA… the west coast is kind of my stomping ground. The Pacific has always been there, bringing life, moisture and temperate climes. It feels like home.

AM: What would you suggest that people do to help the Pacific?

SF: Pay attention to fisheries – many are collapsing. Ocean acidification goes hand in hand with climate change, so dropping fossil fuels would help solve both of those problems. We could also use better solutions around packaging, litter and ocean cleanup… here’s an interesting article on the subject.

AM: In the lyrics you say: “we got big big problems when the humans trade pollution for cash” – Can you explain this lyric in more detail? 

SF: I’m often disappointed how little our government does to protect the environment and future generations… but there’s so much money in politics, it’s not surprising. Our system puts more emphasis on campaign finance than on the responsible actions of our politicians.

AM: Did you actually record a party for the background sounds? (and can we have a Pacific party soon because it sounds hella fun!)

SF: Sure did – wanting those party sounds coincided with me moving into my current place in Solano Canyon. So we did that at the housewarming. (And yeah, I’m down!)

AM: thanks for the chill song and lovely interview answers, Skylar!

Here are the lyrics for everyone to enjoy too!



Would you, hot city, set me free?
The sirens are calling out to me
There’s a safe and okay and together that I know
But there’s a cold and a deep and a dark, and I know where I should go
So I go on down to the water, all alone
And let the salty swell of the pacific welcome me home
We’ve got big, big problems when the humans trade pollution for cash
We’ve got algae bloomin’ drastic and a continent of plastic and trash
So the last five whales and these acidified snails and I
We’re gonna raise our voices ’til we change their choices on the dry
So come on down to the water, all alone
And let the salty swell of the pacific welcome you home
On this ball of blue and green I’ve got people on my team to fight
From Eleanore in California out to Kaya in Hawaii, that’s right
So step up and to the plate, the environment’s at stake, oh my
So come on in and splash around, our solution will be found inside
So come on down to the water, you’re not alone
Just let that salty swell of the pacific welcome you home
One, two, three, four
(play that part, play that part!)
Da da daaaa, da da da da da….


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