For “Tilt of the Earth”, the final installment of the Towns, Cities, and Little Ditties trilogy, I joined forces with two incredibly talented Long Beach artists to create something that is not just a music video, but an interactive music video game! The EP cover comes to life as you explore it by skateboard, where all sorts of surprises and unexpected occurrences await you.

Click here to play the Tilt of the Earth interactive music video!

The Tilt of the Earth music video game features an interactive landscape intricately designed and animated by Gabotron, a visionary illustrator and digital experimenter. He continually challenges the limits of digital design to create a multi-faceted experience that blends the space between art and the observer. Gabotron and I first worked together on the video for my song “Be A Doctor”, in which he surrounded me with a colorful, animated world of my own lyrics and daydreams. Now, he has transplanted me into my own EP, skating the streets of the towns and cities of my songs on my Buero skateboard (also featured in the “Midtown” video).

To give the game the depth it needed, Dave Van Patten, who illustrated the Towns, Cities and Little Ditties cover, drew a whole new dimension of the quirky world we created for this project. His buildings dance, psychedelic windows sparkle, and broccoli grows big enough to feed the whole world. Dave’s surreal style and unique perspective has become a powerful artistic force in Long Beach, not just through his many art exhibits, but through his public projects, such as a portrait series of Long Beach locals for the Long Beach Folk Revival, murals on walls and electrical boxes throughout the city, and album art for multiple Long Beach bands.

Tilt of the Earth is partly about having the courage to face life’s problems instead of running away from them. The lyrics promote the power each of us have to take action and be in control of those actions. In the same sense, the interactive music video game allows each player to choose how they want to explore the game’s landscape, so the viewer becomes the player, not a passive observer, but an active part of the song and the visual art.

Click here to play the Tilt of the Earth interactive music video!

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