not-so-obvious ways to save water

eating your water is as real as drinking it!

a lot of the time we forget that a fundamental part of the water cycle are the life forms that are made out of it. we are constantly eating water in our vegetables, our meat, our dairy, and our fruits!

here is a really really awesome interactive info graphic that gives you a look into all the water we are eating…

click here for info graphic w/ scrolling awesomeness!

The public transportation system up in the Bay Area (BART) recently starting posting adds like this, highlighting another way of drinking your water, in milk!


it is very true that we can significantly reduce our water use through the choices we make with our food! this is a great ad because it quantifies water in ways that many people don’t consider. it isn’t really information that anyone is taught in school. therefore, it really makes sense that people are not thinking about how much water their steak dinner represents.

informational ads like these help put our water use into a more realistic perspective. although this information is based on averages, so if you take 20 min showers…this would apply to you differently. using this BART ad comparison of milk to showers, 10 showers to one gallon of milk might be your ratio.

i think this is a quality ad for water awareness, though i do think that if we approach our water use with regard to where the water is coming from and how much we use, we can improve our overall relationship with water. and once we improve that, i think it is less of an either/or situation and more of an awareness that should exist in all parts of our lives. *especially if you live in the south west of the US of A at the moment!*

but still, drink lots of water! dehydrated people are grumpy!


———–resources regarding food choices and water usage———–

|| Scientific Langauge Article ||: The water footprint of poultry, pork and beef
[published by Science Direct]

|| OP-ED Style Info Article ||: Is Meat Sustainable?
[published by Worldwatch Instistute]

|| Link to BART ad Article ||: Anti-Dairy Ads on BART Urge Commuters to Bathe
[published by SF WEEKLY]


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