Water is essential to all existence on our planet

and it is part of a complex and extensive man-made system

Growing up in Los Angeles, I never really thought twice about water. It was always there when I wanted it … bottled, or in the sink, or in the yard. I didn’t know the water I drank was traveling thousands of miles to get to me, or even that there was a finite amount of it. It took a journey all the way to Kenya for me to understand what water scarcity was and how it felt to have a genuine reverence for this life source.

I carried my love for water to University of California, Davis, to study it and in June 2013 I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Hydrology. I have interned for various conservation agencies and organizations including the Delta Stewardship Council, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, and Tidal Influence. I returned to LA and spent a year working as a environmental sampling technician. Currently, I volunteer with Los Angeles Waterkeeper to sample stormwater while continuing to pursue making music. 


tattle tales

The State of California seems to think that it’s population has a lot of tattle tales. It seems to think that people here will happily and willingly call the authorities on their neighbors. I’m not referring to calling the police because your neighbors kid is throwing a rager. I’m speaking in reference to the alert […]

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not-so-obvious ways to save water

eating your water is as real as drinking it! a lot of the time we forget that a fundamental part of the water cycle are the life forms that are made out of it. we are constantly eating water in our vegetables, our meat, our dairy, and our fruits! here is a really really awesome […]

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good news for the ocean!

good news is SO refreshing!! today this good news is brought to you by the inspirational and courageous people working with heal the bay and the ocean cleanup!! also! speaking of oceans… we are playing some music at the LA Waterkeeper’s event for Coastal Cleanup Day on September 20! (which is a global event! find yer […]

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California’s Changing Snowpack

By Mollie Ogaz As a native Californian, the Sierra Nevada mountain range has long been a subject of awe and appreciation for me. Its granitic peaks, formed over millions of years by volcanic intrusions, uplift, and glacial erosion, are a unifying feature in a state so large and diverse. Forming the eastern edge of California’s […]

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Forward Thinking

A drought is not a one time event. It has lasting effects and is typically a consequence of many events and a build-up of weather averages over a period of time. Often, the significant effects of a drought will not be felt until years after it “begins.” Here is an info graphic that sheds some […]

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