Water is essential to all existence on our planet

and it is part of a complex and extensive man-made system

Growing up in Los Angeles, I never really thought twice about water. It was always there when I wanted it … bottled, or in the sink, or in the yard. I didn’t know the water I drank was traveling thousands of miles to get to me, or even that there was a finite amount of it. It took a journey all the way to Kenya for me to understand what water scarcity was and how it felt to have a genuine reverence for this life source.

I carried my love for water to University of California, Davis, to study it and in June 2013 I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Hydrology. I have interned for various conservation agencies and organizations including the Delta Stewardship Council, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, and Tidal Influence. I returned to LA and spent a year working as a environmental sampling technician. Currently, I volunteer with Los Angeles Waterkeeper to sample stormwater while continuing to pursue making music. 


the story of bottled water

this video might be from 2010, but bottled water is still just as much of an as issue now as it was 5 years ago. it is unfortunate for that to be true, but it is. this video does a good job identifying the differences and similarities between tap water and bottled water. it also […]

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here is some (kinda) good news about drinking water pollution

March 4 marked a significant step in water regulators and oil company relations in California. Here are some key take away points from an article on thinkprogress.com On Tuesday, California regulators ordered a dozen oil and gas wells to cease production over concerns that the wells may be contaminating groundwater.  California, oil, and water have […]

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fracking is not ok!

fracking is one of the biggest threats to earth’s water system. even though the extensive problems associated with this practice have not surfaced everywhere, yet, the threat that fracking poses to life’s most precious resource is real and scary. the sierra club made a great video explaining the fracking process and why it is an […]

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#killthekcup and why kuerig machines are the worst.

I found out about K-Cups and the Keurig coffee machine at my parents’ house. I was visiting from school and noticed the change in coffee maker on their counter. Once I learned more about the machine, like how its K-cups are non-recyclable and every cup of coffee made with this machine represents another piece of […]

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LA and its storm water “issue”

December 16th, I spoke at a public hearing at the LA Metropolitan District in Downtown LA for the public and the State Water Resource Control Board to discuss the draft of a new storm water permit proposed by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. Now I know that may sound like a dry […]

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rain catching!

LA just gave away 1,000 free rain barrels to residents so that they can catch and store water for irrigation.  They ran out quickly, but it is still an important level of awareness for the city and its residents! Rain catching and water storage is a huge step towards water consciousness and conservation. Let’s all […]

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the meatrix

unfortunately, the meat industry complex that is in operation today is extremely detrimental to our water systems. here is a video that puts that into perspective…

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leading by example

if Gov. Brown, state and city officials, and water departments are telling you to reduce your water use, you would want them to do the same right? unfortunately, not all officials are following their own rules. my friend posted this article today, and it reveals some disturbing facts about California leaders and their water use. […]

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