tattle tales

The State of California seems to think that it’s population has a lot of tattle tales.

It seems to think that people here will happily and willingly call the authorities on their neighbors.

I’m not referring to calling the police because your neighbors kid is throwing a rager.

I’m speaking in reference to the alert that California officials hope to get from you if you come home at 4 in the afternoon and see your neighbor watering his lawn.

most people do not want to be tattle tales.

On a walk through my Long Beach neighborhood the other day at 1:30pm, I walked by two yards with sprinklers full blast.

These is unfortunate and unnecessary and by the new law in California, it is also illegal.

So what are my options?

– call the Long Beach Water Department and report the houses
– i keep walking

What are the results?

a neighbor is out $500 (if the investigation that follows proves them guilty)
– i keep walking

EITHER WAY, the water is still wasted.

policing your neighbors is awkward. It is not an efficient way to monitor water use in our communities.

Programs and proper education that promote and teach water saving technology is an efficient way to monitor water use in our communities.

Water departments need to directly address water users about the technologies available to monitor home water use.

They need to be informed about the reality of the water supply available to the city. And authorities need to enforce water use fines by emphasizing the intensity of the drought.

Documentaries like this one do a great job at looking at the problems and solutions for our current water system in the West. Watch it! Watershed Movie!

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